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  • Will my uploaded data be secure?
    Yes, your data will be complete secure. Not only are the servers protected by state of the art firewall's, we also encrypt sensitive data and ensure our system is kept up to date by applying the latest security software and service packs. We will not access your data (unless you wish us to in the event that we are assisting you with a query) and will never pass it on to other parties. We are happy to provide you with a non-disclosure agreement assuring you of this.

  • Can I send to more than one list at any time.?
    Yes, you can send to any and all lists at any time.

  • Do you de-duplicate the lists?
    Yes, the system is very intelligent - when you upload two of the same email address into one list, the system will only upload it once. If you try uploading an email address which already exists at a later date, the system will not upload it, and will advise you it already exists. When you transmit a mail to several lists, the system will check that there are no duplicate email addresses across these lists, and remove and advise you of the duplications, so you can rest assured your customers will only receive one copy of the mail.

  • Is there an automatic unsubscribe option?
    Yes, by law this is a required functionality. The system will automatically append an unsubscribe bar onto your mail, so you don't need to include one yourself.

  • Can you send out a text only mail?
    No, all mails sent out from the system are html mails, however, you have the option to include a text version of your mail, so if a member of your list can't receive html email's, they will automatically get a text version. If you want your mail to appear to be text only, simply design or html to look that way.

  • How much does it cost to send an eBulletin?
    The cost varies depending on the size of the mail. If the mail is below 100K in size, you will be charged one credit per email sent to. If the file size is between 100K and 150K, you will be charged 1.5 credits per email sent to, and if the files size is between 150K and 200K the charge will be 2 credits per email sent to. The system will not transmit mails over 200K in size as this is generally to large for many email clients to handle. Credit charges vary depending on the number you buy, so please contact our sales team on to get a quote.

    There is no charge for 'Through Marketing' mails, which are available periodically if you are a member of a qualifying programme.

  • Can I personalise the eBulletin?
    Yes - its very simple to personalise the ebulletin. Simply ensure that the list you upload contains the information you want to personalise the mail with, and then add the code into the HTML. Add the following code for the appropriate personalisation:
    Email Address - %%email%%
    Contact Name - %%contact%%
    Company Name - %%companyname%%
    Telephone Number - %%tel%%