Distribution Modules

A fundamental but often underestimated aspect of high volume sku ecommerce solutions is the management of datafeeds, especially those involving multiple distribution sources for common products.

What do we offer?

CommerceXchange works with a wide range of distribution sources and applies price/stock feeds from these to its client's eCommerce solutions. A typical solution comprises:

  • Application of the reseller's preferred distribution sources
  • Application of individual reseller distribution price files for the preferred sources
  • Normalisation of common products sourced from multiple distributors using the Etilize rich content database
  • eCommerce solution composite datafeed complied based upon the lowest price product in distribution stock calculated on a daily basis. Alternative compilation algorithms can be applied upon request.

What do I do next?

The easiest way to experience the benefits of the CommerceXchange eCommerce solution for yourself is to contact us to register your interest for an online demonstration and free demonstration account.

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