For Users of the EET Spare Parts Catalogue

We have received feedback from users of our ecommerce solutions that they are finding it problematic to manage the EET spare parts catalogue due to the higher delivery charges they make in comparison to other distributors. We have therefore developed the facility to globally apply an exceptional fixed stand-alone delivery charge of £8.95 to the shopping basket on your ecommerce solution, for all orders containing products from the EET catalogue.

This exceptional delivery charge will not impact your other delivery settings and will not impact webstores that are not using the EET catalogue

CommerceXchange Services and System Functionality

CommerceXchange provides a wide range of ecommerce and eprocurement solutions to meet the specific functional and budgetary requirements of its direct clients and group level reseller/dealer group clients. Because of the breadth of functionality available we thought it would be helpful to provide a reminder of some of the recent functionality enhancements we have added/or been commissioned to add to some of our solutions. If any of the following features are of interest but are not available in the current version of your solution then please contact us to discuss your options:
  • Advanced "leading search engine type" search functionality based on your own dedicated search database
  • Dedicated distribution feeds applied to your store to complement your existing dealer group feeds
  • PayPal Express Payment option
  • PRERELEASE – management of Amazon/Ebay/Facebook listings
  • Multiple images / videos / PDFs for top end Etilize subscribers (IT market only)
  • Discount codes
  • Product detail icons
  • Helpful Pricing Management Tools
  • Social Media Page Links (links back to dealers social media pages)
  • Social Media Icons (allows end customers to 'Like' and 'Tweet' about particular products)
  • Control of automated customer order confirmation emails
  • Sales and Marketing admin section
  • Country Control - Default Country
  • Country Control - Countries allowed to order
  • Order deletion facility
  • Own stock upload facility
  • Bulk customer account creation (import) option
  • Bulk customer export option
  • Additional distribution feeds
  • "Dynamic" pricing at product level
  • Quantity break ("Multibuy") pricing
  • Custom products promoted to top of search lists
  • Breakdown of Savings made at checkout stage
  • Product icons -"best value", "special offer", "best seller" and "green"
  • Option to apply an additional discount based on order value
  • Detailed sales analysis function

Take a Look At Our Revamps

Website Revamp
As well as having a new look for our newsletter, we’ve also recently
revamped our website. Check it out here:

Online Support
Based on feedback from clients we have enhanced the online support ticketing system to provide additional guidance and advice on what information is required to support your issue, for the main categories of issues that are regularly raised. Take a look for yourself here.

Important Changes to Google Export

For those of you whom are exporting data into the Google Shopping service, you need to be aware of some changes they are making. Read more here:

What's New?

For customers using the IT catalogue, we have recently release the ability for you to automatically report any errors within a product description directly to the third party rich content provider.

For further instructions on how to do this, please visit

New Functionality: Country Control

Clients on the most recent release of the facility now have access to two additional features, allowing more control over users from certain countries registering and placing orders.

Default Country
The first of these options allows you to set a default country for registration, invoice and delivery addresses. You can select this within 'General Settings', and the selected country will be pre-populated in all address fields, but the user can change this field by choosing one from the selection of other countries allowed to order.

Countries allowed to order
The second option is available within the site configuration menu under the 'customise' heading, and is called 'countries allowed to order'. This option allows you to select which countries you're prepared to accept orders from and deliver to. The registration, invoice address and delivery address forms country drop down menu will only reflect those countries you have selected within this facility.

Tips to increase eCommerce conversions this Christmas

eConsutancy have recently compiled a list of useful tips to get more sales through your eCommerce solution this Christmas. We've highlighted some of the key ones below and identified how you can apply this to your CommerceXchange webstore.
  • Give free delivery on all orders. This may sacrifice margin but it removes one of the biggest barriers to impulse and gift purchases. Or, you could use free delivery as an average order value hook.
    All our webstores allow for free delivery over a certain value, and you can set the delivery charge to £0.00 overall. If you do offer free delivery make sure you shout about it by uploading banners or straplines stating what your free delivery options are.
  • Give your site a festive design theme to bring Christmas to life and make the site more fun. Change the homepage and Christmas landing page colour schemes to traditional festive colours (gold, silver, green, red etc).
    You can do this really easily by making use of the 'Customisable areas'. If this is functionality you're unfamiliar with you can get help here:
  • Create a main Christmas landing page that is themed and acts as a hub to all your Christmas products and content. This should be in addition to existing categories/landing pages and really sell your Christmas proposition.
    You can do this really easily by making use of the 'Custom Home Page' facility. If this is functionality you're unfamiliar with you can get help here:
  • Make it fun to visit your site. Put up Christmas trivia each day (e.g. Did you know? The most watched program on Christmas Day is Eastenders), use video to show off the fun side of your company (e.g. Team dresses up and recreates the nativity scene in the manger) - think laterally, be creative, have fun.
    Make use of the customisable areas and custom pages (as detailed in the above two points), and regularly update any content.
  • If you can sell products in the last days before Christmas, you'll be at a huge advantage. It means that you can keep selling - to distressed customers - when the majority of your competitors can't.
    If you can offer this, again tell everyone about, both in the form of banners on your webstore and email marketing campaigns, as well as social media. Keep on telling customers tight up until the last day that an order can be placed.
  • Delivery is hugely important at Christmas. Make sure your last order date is prominent and consider including a countdown
    Using the customisable areas on the webstore, plus your custom pages should make this important information easily found on your webstore.
  • Send customers a voucher that they can redeem in January.
    The most recent version of the solution boasts a facility to create promotional codes / coupons, which you can then send to customers of choice. Another strategy may be to put a banner up on the site with an offer such as '£10 off all orders placed in January if you place an order over £50 in December'. When January rolls around you can follow this up with an email with their coupon code for their reduction. If this is functionality you're unfamiliar with you can get help here:
  • Don't forget to put a strong follow up marketing plan in place. If someone buys over Christmas then target them again in the January sales.
    Use the Sales Analysis reporting facility to see who purchased what during December, and follow up purchases with related offers, such as following up mobile device sales with accessories like cases, cleaning kits and extra power battery adaptors. We can even help with our in house email marketing tool, Clic2mail (please contact us if you would like more information).

Videos available on Online Help!

If you've not yet noticed, we now have a demo video section on the Online Help facility. You may find them useful if you get stuck or need a refresher in store functionality. You can find them here:

Please email your ideas to
Interesting Reading

Do consumers appreciate live chat on websites? recently published an article where the stats indicated live chat was fast becoming a preferred method of communication for customers. This was particularly pleasing to us here at CommerceXchange, having just launched our own Live Chat facility.

We're seeing more and more clients offer a Live Chat facility on their webstore, and pleasingly its increasingly easy for any one of our customers to offer this. The simplest method is to register with third party provider (although do your research into which provider suits you best), and then you can simply copy and paste the Live Chat code they provide you into one of the customisable areas on your store, and hey-presto, you have Live Chat! Read the eConsultancy article here

Use Facebook to grow your email database have published a great guide on how to grow your customer database using Facebook - download the PDF here.

Enhanced Search Facility

The recently released new search facility is one of our biggest releases within the last couple of years, and is a far more intelligent and elegant facility than the previous search, allowing for common spelling mistakes, typing errors and abbreviations - as well as being much, much faster!

The new search facility development and testing cycle took over 6 months to complete, and represents a major financial investment for CommerceXchange and comes as standard in selected customer solutions. Comparative testing against leading sites such as Dabs, Insight and eBuyer, demonstrates that this new development delivers a significant improvement in speed and accuracy of search results.

Sample Searches:
Search Term: lptop bag (example typing error)
Place Website Seconds Taken Results
= 1st CommerceXchange less than 1 87 results for laptop bag
= 1st Dabs less than 1 101 results for laptop bag
3rd eBuyer 2 65 results for laptop bag
4th Insight 4 426 results for laptop bag

Search Term: server
Place Website Seconds Taken Results
1st CommerceXchange less than 1 9205 results
2nd Dabs less than 1 2056 Results
3rd Insight 6 server landing page, but no results listed
4th eBuyer 7 2131 results

Search Term: 2010 ms office
Place Website Seconds Taken Results
1st CommerceXchange less than 1 25 results
2nd Insight 3 38 results
3rd eBuyer 2 0 results ' unable to find product' message
4th Dabs 3 4 results in incorrect category
(produced servers)

Custom Products:
Custom Products will be included within the enhanced search results, however, when adding or removing custom products the changes will not appear until the catalogues has been rebuilt. An automatic rebuild occurs each night, however, if you wish to speed this up you may select the 'Rebuild Catalogue' option within the admin area, and follow the on screen instructions.

NOTE: The search result volumes will vary from dealer to dealer, depending on which distributors they work with and what categories they may have turned off. This sample was taken from a store with 99758 products available in total.


On 26th May 2012, an EU Directive regarding cookies put a new compliance requirement on website owners, including owners of sites delivered by third parties. The EU 'Cookie Law' is amended privacy legislation that requires websites to obtain informed consent from visitors before they can store or retrieve any information on a computer or any other web connected device. Compliance is mandatory.

You can read more regarding this on the ico website.

In order to support your compliance to this legislation, Commercexchange have taken the following action:
  1. On Monday 25/06/12 the below footer was released on all webstores:

    This footer in turn links to the following page:

  2. It is your responsibility to provide a comprehensive Privacy Policy to your customers, which includes specific details of any cookies applied to your site. We have provided an example policy, which includes details of all system cookies and additional optional information for those of you that have Google analytics applied to your sites.

    Please note it is your responsibility to include any additional information for additional services you have applied to your sites e.g. online chat. If your company already has a Privacy Policy to use, we recommend reviewing it to include the specific cookie information. The Privacy Policy must be edited to suit your company requirements before being added to the Terms and Conditions page.
To add the Privacy Policy, log into the dealer admin area, and select the 'Edit Existing Website' option, and if required select the appropriate site. Under 'Custom pages', select 'Terms and Conditions'.

You can edit this page as if it were an MS Word document. Save the changes using the save button on the right hand side. The site will automatically update.

Updates to Online Help!

We've now finished revamping the online help facility - please check it out and let us know your feedback!

Please email your ideas to

New Functionality: Delete Orders

Due to popular demand, we have developed the facility for you to delete any unwanted, error or test orders.

To do this:
  • Log into the dealer admin area
  • Select 'Search Orders'
  • You'll see a box titled 'Delete Order'
  • Enter the unwanted Order number
  • Click Submit
Your order will now be deleted from the records, and the sales purged from the CXcommerce reporting. Please note, if the order has already been imported by any third party systems you will need to take action on those systems additionally.
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Anthony K. Tjan discusses why "recurring revenue + fixed cost leverage = superior cash flow".

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